Matic Entreprises

  1. Innovative Products
    Matic designs and creates products that are unique
  2. Lean Approach
    Matic iterates and improves on its output and processes with minimal waste
  3. Quality
    Matic produces quality products and services at an affordable cost.
  4. First Principles Model
    Matic applies first principle framework to solve novel challenges.

Matic  Specializations and Departments


Matic strives to form a robust interlinked supply chain from raw material to finished product.

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Matic invests its time and resources in searching for better battery quality, effecient processes in production, waste minimization strategies and more.

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Matic Cloud

Matic strives to offer cloud computing services from its advanced hardwares and has plans to offer cloud services to local research institutions and NGOs.

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Matic trains young adults in diagnosing various networking and computing devices bringing exposure and skills to local members of the community.

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Matic Entreprises

Find Laptops, All-in-one pcs, IOT devices and other gadgets to boost your productivity and make life easier.


Matic Entreprises

Get tailored software products such as ERPs, Management systems, Biometric verfication systems and more.

Private Networks

Matic Entreprises

Matic has a team of experts in designing and deploying fiber optic systems. From Survey to Last mile implementation.

Data Centers

Matic Entreprises

Matic aims to always be ahead of technological trends. Matic aims to build new powerful data centers to manage the growing digital needs of the continent.

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